Pleg logic

Pleg Experts:

What is the best way to setup a pleg action to turn on all outside lights, BUT if tParty is true, do NOT turn off the lights in 10 minutes, but if tParty is false, turn off the outside lights in 10 minutes.

conditions and trigger:


I’m not sure what your trigger for lights on will be, so I’ll call it tLightsOn and that is your actual device turning on.

From what I’m seeing if tParty is true you want the lights to simply stay on regardless and manually turn them off.

You would only need a single condition as you are turning the lights on causing the trigger.

If you want to expand this you need to include the details of how you want them to turn on.

Condition c

tLightsOn and (tLights On; now > 600) and !tParty


Lights set 0

Another way would be to create a schedule timer, self trigger.
Example sLightsOff

Condition cLightsOn
tLights On

Condition cLightOff
!sLightsOff and !tParty

Actions cLightsOn
Pleg start timer internal 00:10:00

Actions cLightsOff
Lights set 0