PLEG issues with 7.27, causing Conditions not to trigger


Three consistent issues just started with update to 7.27 items that have not been changed in a LONG time

  1. Device status not correct - AwayMode shows true, should be false

  2. Condition not triggering when True.
    Away AwayMode OR !Occupied

  • shows true but Action is not firing : only has 1 action, RunScene
  1. Condition showing True when they should not be
    Disarm DisarmMode or ((Aaron or Robyn) and DayTime) or (EightAM and Occupied)
  • shows True, should be False

Please see attached screenshots & debug log

It was working fine for a long time before 7.27 installed.

Actions only fire when conditions change state from FALSE to TRUE. (Unless repeats are turned on for the condition).

You will have to identify why/how your away switch got set (or did not get reset).

PLEG is reading some switches incorrectly. Take a look at the screens I posted, you can clearly see that a few MultiSwitches are False but PLEG shows as True - thus, Condition evaluations are not changing.

To “fix” this, what I did was manually set the AWAY button… then PLEG started seeing it correctly.

So… is there a possibility that Vera was showing the correct button state on the web page, but PLEG is reading a value that Vera was incorrectly providing?

PLEG DOES NOT READ THE STATE of ANY device Variables (except at startup)

Vera Tells PLEG when it changes a Variable. If the state is wrong its because I did not get a CHANGE notice … or I have a bug.

OK, I did not know that. Thx for explaining.

I had the debug log turned on but it is VERY difficult to follow - a ton of stuff on there and so many values and conditions are evaluated.

Is there a way you can make a trimmed-down version of the debug which only shows what “changes”…

  • Change notifications PLEG received
  • what Conditions evaluated from False to True
  • what Conditions evaluated True, with Repeats on

This would make finding problems and seeing exactly what is is doing for those of us that are not PLEG experts, much easier?