PLEG issue... bug? related to changing Trigger Event Type within Device

I don’t have any logs or even an in-progress status report, so all of the below is just FWIW…

I had a problem this morning with a couple of triggers after I moved the position of buttons within a single Multiswitch. Moving the position of these two buttons (from 6-7, and from 7-8) meant that I needed to change the two triggers in my PLEG. I figured I would just switch the Event Type from “Switch 6 is turned on or off” to “Switch 7 is turned on or off.” I did so, and the On/Off state field updated accordingly from “Device switch 6 is turned on” to “Device switch 7 is turned on.”

Saved, Reloaded, and tested. I clicked Multiswitch button 7 on, and the old PLEG trigger (now located in position 8 ) turned on, cascading down through the associated Condition and putting the old actions in motion. Although the PLEG triggers were correct, and the Conditions were correct, the Status report showed that the old, not the existing, triggers were changing state.

I found the only way to correct this was to delete the two triggers altogether, Save, Reload, re-add the triggers, Save, Reload, then re-associate those triggers with the two Conditions. All is well now.

FYI, PLEG v7.47 and PLC v7.47, but report shows v7.46 for some reason.

Yep that’s been reported before … I have not done an investigation of why …