PLEG is not detecting when tilt sensor is tilted, Vera is.

I have an Echolink Tilt-ZWAVE-2 tile sensor for my garage door. It works fine; Vera sees it as a motion detector, and show it as being tripped when the garage door is up (and the sensor is tilted), and shows a non-tripped state when the garage door is back down (and the sensor is vertical again).

Pleg, however, always sees it as being not tripped, even when Vera shows it as being tripped.



Name	Description
Garage_Door_Down	Whenever Outside Garage Door stops detecting motion whether is armed or disarmed
Garage_Door_Up	Whenever Outside Garage Door detects motion whether is armed or disarmed

I’ve attached two images showing the Vera device in both the motion detected and not detected states, and the PLEG status taken a few seconds after Vera showed the changed state. Note that Vera continues to show “motion detected” as long as the door is up and the sensor is tilted; it doesn’t time out after a while.

So, my questions:

  1. Is anyone else using this tilt sensor, and is it working for you with PLEG?
  2. Am I doing anything wrong?

I use the same sensor for my garage door. See the attached PLEG status report. My sensor and logic work fine have been working fine for quite a while.

Vera 3, UI7, firmware version 1.7.760

One difference I see is the description for my trigger, tIsOpenedAttGarDr, is “Whenever ATT GAR DR TILT SENS is armed and detects motion”. Yours appears to be slightly different “Whenever Outside Garage Door detects motion whether is armed or disarmed” Not sure why that would make any difference though.

Was this PLEG defined in UI5 and upgraded to UI7 ?

No, added cleanly yesterday to UI7 1.7.1707 on a Vera Edge. PLC 7.48, PLEG 7.47.

This PLEG was defined in UI7 around 14 Nov 2014. The sensor was added to the system around 13 Aug 2015. The attached screen shot shows the trigger Event Types available through PLEG for this device.

I deleted and re-created the Trigger the exact same way, and now it works.