PLEG help needed

Good evening,
I’m trying to troubleshoot an issue I’m having setting up a motion activated PLEG switch for my home office. I have the switch setup in two other locations in my house, using the same programming, same switches, same motion sensors (wired), but I can’t get it to turn my lights on or off in the one room.

MudRoom -Works
Kitchen - Works
Office - Does not work

Programming is based upon a post Richard made several years ago. I used this with success in my previous house. The condition that can’t seem to be met is cOfficeAutoOnLight. I’ve watched the logs and seen live where the tOfficeMotion trigger is fired, as well as the ItsNight trigger.

I’ve attached the report for review.

It might be in this expression.

[font=verdana]cOfficeTurnOnLight;[/font][size=1em][font=verdana]tOfficeLightOn[/font][font=verdana] < 5[/font][/size]

[font=verdana]as it appears that cOfficeTurnOnLight is evaluting then the problem could be in:[/font]

[size=1em][font=verdana]tOfficeLightOn[/font][font=verdana] < 5[/font][/size]

[size=1em][font=verdana]I’d test this by creating a condition based on [/font][/size][size=small][font=verdana]tOfficeLightOn[/font][/size][size=small][font=verdana] < 5, if it evaluates as True then you need to look elsewhere.[/font][/size]
[size=small][font=verdana]I’ve had triggers that don’t evaluate correctly for reasons unknown, creating a condition using the trigger seems to be a fix.[/font][/size]

I did as you suggested, and it resolved true. I really don’t understand this. Exactly the same coding, same equipment, but it doesn’t work for 1 of 3.

so it now works?
Post a Status report if it doesn’t.

No, still doesn’t work. The test condition returned true, but it’s still not working.

lol, then it must be in cOfficeTurnOnLight

Try testing that condition, if evaluates True then create another condition using the 2 test conditions.

It’s convoluted but sometimes hidden characters get added into the code and crate havoc.

All I can say is gremlins. I added another room, and using the same syntex, it worked fine. I then deleted the conditions, triggers, and actions for my office entirely, typed them back in, exactly the way they were, and it worked perfectly. There must have been a hidden character. I think sometimes with the Syntex Assitant and the selecting elements, it can actually cause more issues than it solves. For instance, I’ve caught it putting spaces in where they shouldn’t be, and I’ve seen that cause issues, although I’m not sure why it does.

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