Pleg for presence with virtual switches

I’ve been using PLEG with virtual switches to change home/away modes, and its worked well so far. I am wanting to have two different “welcome home” actions, one for when someone arrives home when nobody is home, and one for when an additional person arrives home when somebody is already home.

Im wanting the home from away action to trigger everything (garage opener, door, thermostat etc) But I want the home from home action to trigger just the garage opener and door).

The home while in home mode action works great. The problem im having is the home from away action will fire (which sets home mode) and then immediately the home while in home mode action will trigger.

I’ve attached pics of my conditions, triggers and actions. PLEG’s not doing anything wrong, I just can’t figure out how to make it not trigger both :confused: Any help is appreciated!

I will let Richard comment on the Pleg but just a thought. If home when home works and runs even when home when away runs. Why not just have home when away run just the extra bits. Leave home when home to run the rest.

That’s perfect… I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before now. I think that alone will fix my situation!

Often the simple things work best. That said, it would still be good to get expert pleg feedback too.

This definitely a case where you should have posted s status report.

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