PLEG Dusk or Dark

I want to switch on the lights when the lightlevel is getting to low.
The lightlevel inputs are two sensors.

If it gets below 35lux and still is above 15lux I want to start action Dusk.
If it gets below 15lux I want to start action Dark.

I thought the conditions below where working, but it does not work.

Can PLEG handle these conditions? Or is there a other way to do this?

Dusk (LuxWK >15 <35) AND (LuxKEU >15 <35)
Dark (LuxWK <15) AND (LuxKEU <15)

No - the expressions in Dusk are not valid for PLEG. Try these:

Dusk (LuxWK > 15 and LuxWK < 35) AND (LuxKEU > 15 and LuxKEU < 35)
Dark (LuxWK < 15) AND (LuxKEU < 15)