PLEG Conditions evaluating to true when they shouldn't

I’ve got a Aeon Door/Window sensor for which I’ve defined the trigger, condition, and action below. I’m also seeing this with a few other sensors. When the door opens, thus tripping the sensor the condition is evaluating true and I’m getting a Prowl notification that I shouldn’t as the device is not armed. The armedTripped property for the device is false.

Feels like I’m missing something…


PLEG v4.5
Vera firmware 1.5.622

smallGarageArmedTripped Small Garage Door armed is tripped 2013-08-16 17:45:42.675 true

smallGarageDoorOpen smallGarageArmedTripped 2013-08-16 17:45:42.678 true

smallGarageDoorTripped Small Garage Door Tripped 2013-08-16 17:45:43.972 1
smallGarageDoorArmed Small Garage Door Armed 2013-08-16 17:39:40.042 0
smarllGarageDoorArmedTripped Small Garage Door ArmedTripped 0 false

For me the ArmedTripped property does NOT behave properly. Watching my devices I have yet to figure out how it works. In particular I do not see when it is reset to 0.

But I do have a bug in handling the ARMED Sensor triggers. The bug allows the event to trigger the PLEG when it should not …

You can work around this for now by monitoring the ARMED and TRIPPED properties your self and applying the appropriate logic.

The bug effects the following types of triggers:
Various failure modes on locks.
Armed Sensors
Armed Google Calendar
Combination Switch

These all use a feature I have not noticed before that is NOT documented in the MCV documentation.

Seems to be lot that MCV has documented… I couldn’t figure out when the ArmedTripped was being set to 0 either.

I switched the condition to use the Armed and Tripped properties I had defined already, however the condition was still evaluating to true regardless of the values of the properties. Switching to using an expression rather than a boolean got that sorted. Going through now and switching over to properties for the other sensors.


It should not take me to long to fix the problem … But MCV audits have been running long lately.

Excellent, thanks! Love the work you’ve done on PLEG and it’s cousins.


Has this been fixed?

I’m getting 6 door sensors tomorrow and want to install them before I leave for vacation on Friday :slight_smile:

Fixed in 4.6

I get same error, always triggers as if it’s armed.

Name Description
TFrontDoor Front Door Sensor is tripped
TFrontDoorPanic Front Door Sensor armed is tripped


Name Expression

FrontDoor TFrontDoor and not TFrontDoorPanic

FrontDoorPanic TFrontDoorPanic


Actions for Condition: FrontDoor
Title=chime Message=chime Priority=0 URL= URLTitle= Sound=pushover DeviceName=

Actions for Condition: FrontDoorPanic
Title=panic Message=panic Priority=1 URL= URLTitle= Sound=alien DeviceName=

Just upgraded and ran some tests. Looks great!

Many thanks!