PLEG and OpenHAB

OpenHAB does not have enough capabilities to replace PLEG.
I will be looking into a PLEG addon for OpenHAB as a background activity.

As I understand more I will document what I find.

Now that is good news, Richard. :smiley: I’ve looked at other automation platforms and set up Fibaro HC2 systems for others but would not consider moving my own home to a PLEG-less environment.

I’m sure I could replicate my automation logic on other platforms given enough time and perseverance but I cannot convince myself that I want that much pain. I shall follow your progress with great interest.


Looking forward to reading your findings and your contributions to the OpenHAB project. Are you going to to be moving over to OpenHAB and have the Vera act as the zwave gateway like some of us are doing now?

  • Garrett

My Vera does not have the horse power (Memory and CPU) to do the things I have wanted to do.
I have been prioritizing things I can do for a while … waiting to for Vera to release a controller with more Memory/CPU capability.
Since the controllers that Vera announced for 2015 do not help me … I am looking at OpenHAB as the integration/automation platform and will use Vera to IF to Z-Wave and maybe a few other devices that it does well that may not be supported by OpenHAB.

Well, with @RichardTSchaefer and @Garrettwp making the move (and using Vera as the gateway for z-wave), it looks like I’m gonna have to look at making the jump as well. So, I will also be following this thread intensely waiting to see what happens.


Time to start reading the OpenHAB topics :wink:

Seems like there are more and more forces pushing me towards OpenHAB also.

I didn’t expect mass exodus so soon … my crystal ball’s battery must be low and the time function is not in keeping proper time. :wink:

I think where PLEG and AuthomationHD go, most will follow. I included.

I think it will be a while before OpenHAB will be usable by a large percentage of the Vera community.
Setup and customization still require to much developer expertise.

I have not abandoned Vera … But I am actively exploring options.

Would be good to have a MQTT gateway bridge between Vera and Openhab…then other IoT/MySensors could piggyback off it. Just a thought. :slight_smile: