PLEG Action To Run Scene

Have I lost my mind? Again?

I’m trying to run a scene from a PLEG, but PLEG won’t let me select a scene. When I first hit the action’s device tab there are no scenes displayed. If I go to advanced, there’s no way to choose a scene. I then click back to devices and the scenes are displayed, but there is no way to select them.

I’m seeing this with PLC/PLEG 5.1 and subsequently updated to 5.3. I’m using Mozilla, I don’t think it;s a browser issue.

Have I lost my mind? Again?

I found it using search:,15292.msg135126.html#msg135126

I use the MCV Scene Editor for building actions. They do not have a way to select a scene in that mode … So you have to use the Advanced Tab as listed above.
If I wrote all of the code myself … I would allow select a scene from the Scene tab.

You show off! Thank you.

I’m pasting the steps below in case the forum links are broken when I forget again.

[quote=“RichardTSchaefer, post:4, topic:175795”]In the Actions Editor go to the Advanced tab.
Where is says Pick a device, select the current PLEG device, then Add
Where is says Please select, select Run Scene
Specify the name or number of the scene. If you use a name, make sure it matches and is unique.[/quote]