Please Need help with PLEG. Motion sensor events

Hi Everybody,

Hopefully you can help me with this situation. I have some motions sensors i want to use but i havent figured out the way to make them work as i want to. Ive tried using only scenes and it didnt do what i expected so now im trying with PLEG but i havent been able to figure out what am i missing.

Ok this is what i want to accomplish

  1. I want this to happen only from 6:00 pm to 6:30 am everyday
  2. If living room PIR (ID 37) detects motion to turn on the Living room dimmer. (ID36)
  3. If living room PIR (ID 37) stops detecting motion to check the when was the lasttrip
  4. If lasttrip was higher than 300 seconds, then to turn off the light
  5. if lasttrip was below 300 seconds, then to keep the light on and RECHECK again every minute or two until condition is met

Ok ive included the images of the configuration i have so far , and its not even triggering the light on (unless i remove the from18to630 condition). Your help will be much appreciated

Thanks in advance


instead of posting all those pictures. I correct way is to post your “STATUS” report in a pdf format and it will show us all that you posted and more… Which is what we need.

It would be better if you just use a timer to turn the light off (you reset the timer every time motion is detected), which is the first sample in the PLEG guide. As for the 18to6:30 make sure when you are testing it you press run now to ensure the condition is true, other wise if you created it after 6pm it won’t be the until the following day.

Hi all and MERRY XMAS!!!

Thanks for the replies.

Ok trying to follow on your suggestions, but im having issues wrapping my head around the conditions i guess

Im attaching what i have so far (i wasnbt able to export to pdf so i have more images)

The lights turns on when motion is detected BUT i cant make to to turn off, i guess it triggers the scene when motion is not detected but the condition is false and it wont recheck again. Any advise?



Ok, i think i got it. I was a bit confused and didnt see how “Now” worked

I did this and so far its working (attached)

thanks again

On a PC you can print your status report and when u print chnage printer to pdf