Please help: Veralite "bricked" after stalled firmware update

My veralite arrived in the mail today.

I followed the directions carefully for initial physical connection. Opened browser, connected to Veralite, and it presented a message that I should upgrade firmware so I said ok.

It then told me that update should take less than 15 minutes, and that if it took longer than 15 minutes, I should unplug the power to restart the unit. After 20 minutes of that went by, I did exactly what the message said.

Unfortunately, since then, I haven’t been able to connect to much of anything. No dashboard, etc.

When I run MiOS it attempts to connect (showing my unit number) but then lands on MiOS with the error message: “ERROR Cannot communicate with your unit.”

Currently, the blue light goes solid, then the network light blinks yellow ‘forever’.

Tried this ( from my Mac, and after setting up the network and hitting with my browser, I get back a response screen that says across the top “MiOS_35010837 | OpenWrt Backfire 10.03.1 | Load: 0.08 0.07 0.07”, has an “Administration” item in the top right corner (which reloads the page I’m on) and otherwise just has a username/password login with the foreboding message: “WARNING: Any changes made FROM THIS INTERFACE to the system without guidance from MiOS support will VOID your future Support requests.”

Given that I’ve not yet ever actually see a Veralite dashboard, done any setup for the device, etc, I have no clue what the root password is (couldn’t find any clues in the forum given that veralite doesn’t ship with a printed root password, and all the other trouble-shooting involves looking at backups (which I don’t have) or presumes ssh access (which I don’t have). I am able to get an ssh response on port 22, I just don’t know any user/password combinations that will get me to a shell.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Tim, raise a support request with Micasaverde. Your description is reminiscent of the non-volatile RAM being wiped, and only MCV support will be able to fix that.

I Hate to kick old topics, but I have exaclty the same issue. New VeraLite, broken before I had a chance to play with it. Did this ever got solved? I have raised a case at MCV support yesterday, but no answer yet. Even installed a WinXP virtual machine to get the antique firmware upgrade tool to run, but it does not find my device. Wireshark shows the tool is actually sending broadcasts.

-edit- Jep, I Bricked it. Support was able to fix it the same day :slight_smile:

Just ran into the same issue myself. Did a firmware update as a part of setting it up, and it got stuck doing the update. Now my device is in a semi zombie state. I can ssh into it but can’t tftp the firmware. My arp table shows the device but it won’t accept any files.

Just did a 30/30/30 reboot just like from the dd-wrt days and it came up. The open-wrt site has a great recovery section.

Never was able to get the recovery app or tftp to work on several different machines. The veralite was in the arp table but never responded to a ping.

Anyway, back up and running and downgraded to ui5.