Please advise me on PLEG sched problem UI5

I set up a Pleg to be armed when I arm my security for away on control my lights for a lived in look. I have no triggers, only scheds (3) to turn on some lights and scheds (3) turn turn them off. They stagger start about 9pm and run until before sunrise.

Sched - Ghost 1 ON Weekly 06:30:00 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 00:05:00 Interval 02:30:00 blank 00:10:00
Condition - upstairsGhost 1 ON no repeat !Ghost 1 ON;Ghost 1 ON

My sched works and becomes T or F depending on time ok. BUT my lights do not turn on (or off).

I can remote into my PC, open Vera and manually turn on/off the light BUT IT DOES NOT work unless I restart the Vera!
But I have to restart it each time even though it does this on it’s own every 24 hrs.

So this leaves me with remoting into my PC (I am out of the country) twice a day to keep restarting my Vera!

I don’t think my PLEG is directly at fault, however I have no clue what or how to correct this. Please help. I will not be back at home for several months, but I can remote into my PC and make changes.


You need to post a PDF of the status report so we can see your logic.

There is also a Ghost plug-in that I hear works very well: MiOS Apps

This is my simple PLEG…

You might have a problem ARMING/DISARMING the PLEG.
Since there is nothing in the report that indicates when the PLEG is armed/disarmined it’s hard to tell.

A better way to do this is to have an input Trigger for when you are armed-away.

Then change your condition to:
Condition -

C1_Ghost1_ON S1_Ghost_1 AND ArmedAway

It is a waste of compute cycles and harder to read when you have an expression:
X; !X
!X; X
An efficient and readable equivalent is just:


When I arm away, I have to have my PLEG LIGHTS go to disarm so it is not auto turning off light status. Also arm away arms PLEG AWAY as shown above. PLEG CONTROL handles this function, as well as other things with my security things. That is how they are controlled. This works fine.

However, maybe you are right in that I should still add that trigger to my conditions to be sure. I will also change the !X;X and see what happens.