Playing a sound

Hello to everyone,

I’m new here and have a question that might be easy for the most among you.
How can i play a sound om my computer or tablet (wav file) when an scene starts to run.

Thanks en best regards !!

This might work for you:


Thanks for your reply.
I’ve been trying to find out what it takes to play a sound but since i’m a newbie i don’t understand what they mean in the link you gave me.
Is it posibble to post some code that shows exactly what i should do ?
In the meanwhile i will keep on trying to understand what they mean.

Thanks a lot.

I would also love to be able to figure out that announce thing. I spent like 4 hours last week trying to get it to work on my computer, but I just have no idea how to set it up. All the posts on it are very vague.

Playing an audio file:
Install Squeezebox Server and Softsqueeze (or Squeezeplay) on a Windows (or Linux) machine. See [tt][/tt] for instructions how to play an audio file on your Windows machine.

Playing an announcement (text to speech, sucessfully tested with firmware 1.1.1234):
Install achalhoub’s TimerAnnouncer UPnP device on a Windows machine. Import the UPnP device into your Vera. See [tt],5466.msg36405.html#msg36405[/tt] for an example how to use the TimerAnnouncer device from your Vera.


I haven’t been able to reply earlier than today, sorry :-[ :-[
I’ ve got it working so thanks to everyone.
Now another issue…i’ve been such a good boy that my wife will buy me an ipad2 for xmas…YESSSSSSS !!!
I want to run SQ remote on the ipad.
Is there any possibility to have a sound playing in a scene by using the ipad ?
Squeezebox is on a windowsplatform so that won’t be an option (i think ?)
Or is there maybe sound integrated in SQ remote ?

Greetzzzz !!