Placement of Z-Wave AC Motor Controls

We want to automate some existing motorized AC shades in our house. Most of our house is controlled via Lutron Radio RA2 but these shades pre-date the Radio RA2 install and getting these shades RA2 compatible is pretty much a dead end and all I really need to do is put the shades on a timer for the most part - manual control is not that important and intermediate stopping points are never used (open or closed only).

With that intro, we have 3 “dumb” AC shades with internal control limits. There are 3 up-stop-down type switches ganged together on the wall. Are there any z-wave AC motor controls that I could mount inside of our existing 3-gang remodel box (fit 3 of them, that is)? We don’t need wall switches as well so we could cover the controls with a blank face plate. (We’ll do all the control from the iPad or some tabletop device).

Just to head off other questions - the reason to mount motor controls in this place is that the shades are mounted inside a custom built enclosure that would be very difficult to remove/refit (I didn’t build this, just bought the house).

Thoughts? The ABMHZ and AC1-ZW both look a little large and that Aeon product sounds a little scary (in terms of relay isolation on the up/down motor).

The Fibaro blind control modules should work for you. They control 3 wire AC motors and are quite small.

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We specialize in shading motor controls and have all kinds of AC controllers that fit in electrical boxes, dry contact interfaces, sensors
I remember controlling standard AC shade motors with radioRA but would have to look at the specifics.
Do you also have Lutron shades in the house?
Do you want to use Z-Wave only to control 3 motors via timer or do you have more in your zwave network?

Those Fibaro controllers look perfect. But, is there a US version? Or can I run EU z-wave without a problem. This will be the only thing controlled via zwave so compatibility with the rest of the system isn’t a problem.

we have 120V AC motor controllers in US freq. Shown here with optional momentary up/dwon center off switch and deep remodel singel gang box if you want to fit everybody in the same box