Pioneer Receiver VSX-1123-K control from Vera

Hello !

I thought I saw some plugin in app store to control pioneer receivers…but I can not see anymore…

this receiver has lan port and a lot of resources… is possible to control from vera ?

in this link you can see the features:

thanks for help…

I don’t think it was ever in the store.

Code page is here though:

Along with the forum thread which you’d have found by searching :wink:,9039.0.html

The link you posted to Best buy is a newer 4K model though.

Per this post:,9039.msg120299.html#msg120299

Seems it can work with some modifications.

I will install this files and try and let you know…

I dont know like make changes to files…

I can need help…

thanks !!!

I was able to get my Pioneer Receiver VSX-1021 working somewhat. So far I am able to create a scene to turn it OFF but when I make a scene to turn it ON nothing happens. I stopped there since what’s the point if I can’t turn it ON. :’( Any suggestions? I running it on UI5 v1.5.622

I think there is a power saving function you need to turn off in the receiver IIRC.

Thanks, that was the issue. Under network setting there is a network standby feature. I disabled it (OFF) and now I can turn the receiver on. Thanks again.