Pioneer receiver plugin

Hello I am a nubie to the Vera and he forum. I have a pioneer vsx1027 network receiver. I believe there is no official plugin for this yet. I downloaded some other plugin manually and all I can do with is use it in scenes to turn it off. I also believe once the receiver turns off it can’t be turned back on thru the network because it won’t communicate because its off. If any one know anything about this and can let me know what else I can do with this to get the most out of my receiver this would be great. Thanks

I use an SQBlaster Plus to run my Home Theater. I run a Denon 3312CI 7.2 Surround Sound System, Yamaha and Onkyo Receivers, Samsung HDTV’s, Epson 3010 Projection System, Monoprice 4x2 Matrix HDMI switch, and Aton Speaker Router, along with a IR to RF to IR remote transmitter to run a Sony HDTV and Panasonic 5.1 Surround Sound System in another part of the house. Also, with my Vera3 control all lights and power outlets in my Home Theater via several “Scenes”.

Might be a little more cost but with a little patience it works pretty seamless.


2 things:
I did a little work on a plugin in the past few days (still a work in progress)
Check out:,9039.msg109683.html#msg109683

For my receiver, I had the turn on “Network standby” (from the network menu in the receiver). This keeps the receiver listening on the network even when off.



For your information,

For my Pioneer Receiver (XC-HM71) I changed the “core” I/O code because I had a issue with on my receiver and I suppose yours . It is “locked” and it is not possible to send any command with an other device like my Galaxy Tab, because the port was allready open by Vera…

To avoid that, I tried with socket.connect and it’s work fine because after sending command port is closed

local ipAddress
local port
local mappingTable = {............

        -- Perform the startup for the receiver (initializing)

		function doStartup(lul_device)
			ipAddress = luup.devices[lul_device].ip
			port = 8102
        -- Perform the appropriate action based on the mapping table for this action
        function doAction(deviceType, actionName)

            if (ipAddress ~= "") then
                luup.log("Running Network Attached I_PioneerReceiver1.xml on " .. ipAddress)
				local code = mappingTable[deviceType][actionName];
				-- Do we have a code?
				if( code ~= "") then
					-- Open port and send the code to the receiver
					local socket=require("socket")
					local c=assert(socket.connect(ipAddress, port))
					luup.log("Unimplemented action: " .. deviceType .. "-" .. actionName, 1)
					return false
                luup.log("Error Running Serial Attached I_PioneerReceiver1.xml : IP is null")
            return true


I was having the same issue with not being able to access the receiver with anything else and was going to code up something almost exactly like this.
Thanks for saving me the work.
This also should help out this plug-in startup time. Before it took several minutes to deploy new code. I think the old connection had to timeout before my new Startup would finish.