Php on Vera

Is it (somehow) possible to run php interpreter on a Vera ?

The envioment should suppost it. Just the question on how to get it in the box i guess.
No performace issues as well, since php is a passive engine.

Any ideas ?

See here:

PHP Install

A bit of warning, Vera’s flash memory is limited and installing additional packages like php can consume a lot of space.

  • Garrett

awesome !
i didnt expect that for an answer :slight_smile:

no worries, i just need the standard interpreting engine, simplexml, json and curl for a start.
mysqli would be awesome … but i guess thats gonna hit the limitations sure (well can make curl requests to the machines host the sql or have access to it … not so much of a problem)

thanks for the answer
thats gonna fill my weekend with some cool networking stuff :slight_smile:

Watch your free memory as you install additional components.
If you run out you will be in an infinite loop of Vera Restarts.

You will likely have to configure your Php settings to cut back on the amount of memory resources it consumes on startup … the typical configuration is for computers that have gigabytes of available memory.

yeah you quite right,

i basically want to save myself the “proxy-webserver” for remote requests i make at this moment.
so its morelsss just reading _REQUEST interpreting it and make a curl or file request to vera …
well sort of, (it never stops at a simple thing like that) :wink: