Photoelectric / Dual Photo Beam Detector Sensor to work with Vera


I am new to the forum and I did a search for Photoelectric Sensor but I could not find anything related to this topic. Google search doesn’t give me any hints for a Zwave Photoelectric Sensor.

I am looking at Optex AX-100Plus Outdoor Dual Photoelectric Beam, 100 Foot Range(not stuck on the brand or model) and I would love to connect this to Vera to send me notifications if the laser link is broken. I want to build an “invisible fence” and catch those guys that keep cutting our fence and get into our yard at work(4 times already) to steal gas, tires, batteries or whatever from our yard. We installed a camera system but they took a ladder from one of our vehicles and stole the cameras also. Police can’t do anything with the guys face that is on the DVR. We want to catch this guys in action and I believe the Photoelectric Sensor will be great. If placed at 3 feet height will not be activated by cats or whatever and because is not a motion sensor trees moving will not be a problem if I have clear line of sight.

Appreciate your help on this

See below for a similar topic.

If it has external contacts then you can bridge this through one of the supported alarm plugins like the DSC, or via Zwave door/window module that has external contacts.,22625.msg151754.html#msg151754

or just connect the outputs to something like the z-wave ready mimo lite. Most of their break beam sensors have terminals to wire something in.