Photobeam break sensor

I’ve been looking for an outdoor beam break solution for our driveway and front door entry that would integrate with vera. Bought the one listed below and wired to a power supply and ever spring door sensor and happy to report it works like a charm.

There’s an indoor version for ~$15–have a bunch of places where I think these could be handy. Wish there was a cheaper sensor to integrate into vera, but overall, seems pretty reasonable for what we need. If anyone has suggestions for a less expensive way to get the signal into vera, I’m all ears!

We were using the dakota alert system as a driveway sensor, but it’s expensive and was a bit of overkill for what we needed. We’ll transition the dakota alert to a perimeter monitor.

ETA, I think I remember seeing something about being able to directly power the ever spring sensor so it didn’t need to run on batteries, but can’t seem to find this. Is this possible?

Not sure what power supply you have for the beam sensor, but you could pretty easily connect a DC power source to the battery terminals. I think that everspring uses a single 3V battery, right? So if you’ve got a 3V source, connect that to the terminals. If not, you’d need a different power supply or a voltage converter.

I’ve got an out of the way door sensor that I’ve got wired up to a 4x AA battery pack so it lasts longer on a set of batteries (that sensor will handle the 6V input, not sure if the everspring will) and I simply soldered the wires from the battery pack to the terminals in the sensor.

I have this exact same sensor hooked up to my driveway gate. What did you hook it up to to trigger vera? This would probably provide the least false positive alerts