Philips Hue Firmware 24th Feb Breaks Plugin

Indeed, a recent firmware update on the Philips Hue bridge seems to have broken the Hue2 plugin when the manufacturer was renamed from “Philips” to “Signify”. Here is a fix. Just unzip this file and drop L_PhilipsHue2.lua over your old one in apps -> Develop apps -> Luup files and you should be back and running.

I have already informed Vera tech support of this issue. (15.4 KB)

I had tried making that change, just not in the .lua file. Thanks for sharing. I have moved to Althue, although that has some issues related to being able to control the ambiance of the white ambiance bulbs.

I’ll give your fix a go later. Thanks again.

I’m back up and running. Thanks for posting the fix @gengen.
Not sure why Vera couldn’t get a fix out.
And Vera closed my support case without providing a real solution.

Is this just a bug or compatibly issue with the latest version of Safari, it seems to display fine in Chrome and on the mobile app?

It looks like Vera updated the Hue 2 app and now on Chrome and Safari the bulb icon is missing.

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Indeed we have released a new version for the plugin, 1.79, for more details please check this thread.

Can you please share with us the Philips hue model that you have so we can investigate this issue?


The bulb model is a LTW015 (Hue Ambiance)
To update:
“It looks like Vera updated the Hue 2 app and now on Chrome and Safari the bulb icon is missing.”
Bulb icons are missing in Chrome. Bulb icons are there in Safari just no slider and on/off as shown in picture of previous post.

Ok, I’m trying to get this working. But where do you do this?
I don’t recognize the screenshot. In what menu can I set this?

hello man,

can you help me using the ALTHUE? I cant make the bridge pair…

hi, can you help me getting my hue bridge work with vera again???
I installed the 1.79 version but the bridge wont pair!
Bridge Model BSB002
Firmware version 1938112040
this is very frustrating

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