Philip Hue "Bloom"

Anyone know how this lamp behaves with the Hue vera plugin? I have five Hue lamps, which operate flawlessly daily with vera. The bloom lamp connects to the hue controller, but isn’t a regular hue fixture and apparently doesn’t work with all of the functions in the Philips smartphone app.


If the plugin as written doesn’t detect the Bloom then it should be quite easy to modify it to do so. The bridge reports Bloom and the A19 bulb as different types but that’s the only difference for clients.

The Bloom has a different colour space to the A19 bulb so you might find that when you dial up the same colour in the plugin it looks different to the eye. Additionally IIRC the Bloom has no colour temperature control, so you may need to ignore the parts of the plugin that refer to it.

most likely it’ll work. I have two Hue Lightstrips and they work flawlessly with the plugin.

Thanks for the replies. Since the light strip is also part of “Friends of Hue” , its likely I will be able to control the Bloom light too. I do understand that it doesn’t produce the same colors as Hue. I’m not sure how I feel about that.