Phantom Devices

I have an AEON 4-in-1 sensor, which by design appears as 4 separate devices.

For the second time now Vera shows 5 new un-configured and unnamed devices. If I delete one of these, the AEON sensor will be deleted too.

Exactly the same problem here. Even if there is no AEON Sensor in this room, it begun now to create those ghos devices…

I wrote it to you in private message, but if anyone has the same problem. Found this thread:

and with this:


Replace <local_Vera_IP> with the address of the vera box on your system… something like
Repeat command twice, substituting the <device_ID> with each device you want to delete, like 32
You should see the response OK each time

You can delete the devices.

My problem was that if I deleted the devices with the known way via the vera lite userinterface my main unit that was not a ghost disappeared so I had to repair the device. With the solution above the main device (that causes?) the ghosts is still avaiable.

@vera developers: Any idea if this problem can be fixed soon? I have ghost devices all 4-5 days…

Service did something and asked me to exclude and re-include the causing device.

No new phantom since.

Anyone have the problem of phantom devices “accumulating” again even after performing the exclude/include on the “real” device? I have excluded and included my HEM three times now over the past several weeks to get ride of phantom devices and they slowly creep back in again after a few days.

I had the same issue.
Made a support ticket and they just last week fixed this issue in my device.

This keeps getting “fixed” for me but the phantom devices just keep re-appearing. Anyone else?