password for local access

Of the two ways to access vera over an IP connection, the remote connection (via the portal) requires a username/password in the https:// URL. For local control, where Vera is directly available there’s no security required.

If I want to make vera directly web-accessible by configuring NAT on my router is there a way to require password protection for “local” control (which will now be via the Internet)?

If you are running UI4, this feature was broken. However, you are suppose to set this up under If you should also be able to modify the lighttpd.users file with the proper format for creating user access. I will warn you that this is not safe when opening up the port in your firewall. Even though you will have to authenticate, the authentication will not be secure and all data will be sent in plain text.

  • Garrett

Thanks for the response. No way to require https:// locally?

This doesn’t directly address your question, but the way I access the dashboard remotely (with security) is through LogMeIn. This requires a computer to be turned on and on the same subnet as Vera, but it works well for me. I have a HTPC with Plex Server running 24/7 and use this box to access Vera.


To answer your question. Https is not possible via local access. If I recall someone tried setting it up but it would not function.

  • Garrett