Parrot Flower Power Plant Control

Hi experts,

there is a powerful toolset from Parrot which Shows several data from your plant (when Needs water, light …). Looks great and is not too expensive. It has several apps, but direct control yet via micasaverde.

BUT There exist i quite good developer Website, where I could find, that it uses an API etc. It might be possible to integrate with VERA. Then the data could be used there and from outside.

How would this be possible?

Any ideas!

That would be great!

I would be keen for this also. I like the device but dont like the battery life it stats on the website. :-X

Believe you can add to Imperihome already which is where i first saw the Parrot.

I just picked one of these up about a week ago as something i thought would be interesting (and also noticed it on imperihome).

its a cool little device which at the minute falls in to the toy category of “home automation” but would love to try and integrate more and plan is to buy a zwave radiator thermostat to try and automate some irrigation.

There is this which has been developed GitHub - Parrot-Developers/node-flower-bridge: [Ble/Cloud bridge] Synchronize your Flower Powers with a raspberry. Now you can take holidays safely. which may help someone with some plugin skills.