Panasonic BL-C230A can't see video can pan/tilt camera from MiOS


I installed a Vera2 and two Schlage locks successfully. I’m having trouble getting video inside
MiOS from my Panasonic BL-C230A. I have a DSL modem with WiFi and the camera is
connected to the DSL modem via WiFi and not to the Vera 2. The wierd thing is that
I can pan/tilt the webcam from inside the MiOS web page but I do not see any video.
I can also see the webcam content by going to its fixed ip address and adding
the following to the URL:


I changed the setting in the webcam to:

Image Display → Single Camera → Refresh Rate - 3sec

All I see is the small red ‘X’ or the built in image of the film.

I would prefer to keep my webcam on a fixed IP address and using a wireless connection
to my DSL modem if possible.

Any suggestions on what I might be missing?

Vera 2 - Version 1.1.1350
Panasonic WebCam BL-C230A - Version 4.31R00




Do you have the leading forward slash in the [tt]Url[/tt] field on the [tt]Settings[/tt] tab?

Thanks for the advice. Yes, I had the starting slash in front of the URL.