Pairing to Gateways (Vera3) together

I am working in a fairly large home and need to pair 2 Veras together to cover it all. I went through the steps shown in the manual and even have been able to connect them after a few days of waiting for them to find one another but the devices from the 2nd vera do not show up on the first to create and or control them. Are there more steps that need to be done to import the devices? Am I missing something?


you want to Bridge the two units.

yeah, on the parent unit, go to Tech Support under Account and open a trouble ticket and follow the instructions to get help.

I have done this three times and had to have MCV do it every time. The good news is that they are quick and usually respond in less than a day.

I’ve done this once, you just add the other vera as a upnp device right? I know it takes awhile to see it, but once I did the vera did populate from the other one. In fact I had to add the veras as a UPnP device in both directions as I had scene controllers on both ends that were running scenes. Pairing via upnp pairs nodes but scenes are local, so I had to create duplicate scenes, meaning they both have to see each other’s nodes. That was fun.

Is there some other way to bridge them? I guess if MCV support has to do it, there may be some trick to it. That or I got lucky that one time.

you are at least 3 times luckier than me ;D