Pairing Controllers with Ezlo Plus - GoControl WA00Z-1 and Cooper RF9500

Has anyone had success pairing either of these controllers with the Ezlo Plus? I have gotten gun-shy after running into issues on other devices. Right now they are still on my Vera Plus “network” but would like to see if anyone else has had success with transitioning either or both of these controllers to the Ezlo world.

Hello @k7jv,

We’d like to let you know that the Cooper RF9500 is not fully integrated into Ezlo controllers yet. This doesn’t strictly mean that the device is incompatible. Most non-integrated devices can be paired to the controllers and work duly. However, we can not guarantee the good functioning of the device. It may not have all the features available.
I have created an integration request so the device is taken into consideration for new updates. You can check the status here.

The Go Control WA00Z-1, on the other hand, is fully integrated with Ezlo controllers as you can see in our compatibility list here.

We kindly invite you to test them and share your experience. If you have any issues or questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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I would suggest NOT!!! So far the list has NOT Proven to be correct!!..

Ok, I’ve had some luck. Some good, some not so good. I was able to pair the WA00Z-1 but I’ve not yet tried the Cooper RF9500.

I have paired the following, successfully: Leviton DZ15S (On the Ezlo menu), Linear WD500Z-1 (On the Ezlo menu), Aeotec ZW110 (Generic device), NuTone NPS15Z (Generic device), GoControl WA00Z-1 (On the Ezlo menu) and the Yale YRD220. The Yale paired using the YRD226 device in the Ezlo setup menu under Door Locks.

However, I’m having a couple of issues which I will add to the Community under different headings. One relates to “Unable to clear alerts”. One relates to “Backup and Restore Question”. One relates to “Need to disconnect and reconnect often”.

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Very Cool… I also have the WA00z1 GoControl which I have not attempted yet!..This is good News it working well!! Thanks

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