Pair two switches togheter

I’m trying to make something like stair lights, using PAN04. One of them is connected on one chanell phisicaly to light, second one is not connected phisicaly to anything.

How can i make it working? Is there maybe any plugin with which i could make it working? I’ve made it on this time using scene, but is there any better solution? Maybe only by using luua? I know that best way would be using device witch could make assiociation, but i’m asking about this particular case.

Not sure if I totally understand your question.

Here’s what I’m hearing you say: You have LED lights on your staircase, and you want to control them via a Z-wave switch?

I would just make a scene where the switch is the trigger, and the action is turning the stair leds on/off.

The PAN04 is a single relay, you can only control 1 circuit with it. If you want t control 2 circuits, then you need a PAN06.
I’m unsure of what you mean “second one” ?

Are you saying you have 2 PAN04’s in separate locations, 1 with a load connected and 1 without a load (but has line and neutral)? The manual for the PAN04 is here: Page 4 indicates that it will report its status back to the controller in group 1, but I do not know if Vera will accept that. If it does, then you could use the second PAN04 status to run actions.

Note that I do not have a PAN04, so I have no way to test this, and I’m not sure I understood your original question, so I’m guessing a bit.

[font=verdana]Unfortunately it won’t work that way without CS poking about in your Vera and making the necessary adjustments. [/font]
Instant Status (Life Line Group) is not something that Vera has working properly yet and the Phillio products are on example of this.
It will work if you adjust your polling rate, but even then there is a delay.
Not sure about Group Associations with the PAN04 (It isn’t in my area of expertise); Phillio isn’t strong on this either, which is a shame as the modules are well built.

It would be great to know what Vera does and doesn’t support in this area. Clearly Vera does some support some switches with “Instant Status”. Leviton is known to work. But exactly how is it working? Is it not using this mechanism? It’s totally goofy that Vera would not know what to do with a basic report status when it receives it. Philio says this switch supports “SWITCH_BINARY_REPORT”. John M from support says in this post (,41039.msg302830.html#msg302830) that instant status is supported with “status command class”, but that doesn’t make sense according to the spec: That seems to indicate that the status command class tells you if the device is busy or not.