Outdoor Temp Sensor

I’m looking for and outdoor temp sensor. Anyone know if there is one available?

Not as of yet. Aeon Labs is working on a MultiSensor that will be outdoor rated.

Wasn’t that aeon unit due out MONTHS ago?

Where do you want to set the sensor up - I have been using the HSM100 Sensors outside since they hit the market - have one on the front of the house and one on the back

I myself would like to put one at my cabin in Virginia, under the eaves. Just didn’t want to drop $70+ and have it fail on me. And was hoping that Aeon would actually put theirs out. Seems to be a lot of empty promises these days when it comes to new products.

I remember discussing this awhile back on another thread… someone said they had theirs in Florida and it was doing just fine. How long have you had yours outside and how is it protected if at all??

One sitting on my back porch on sitting on the front windowsill propped up on a rock - have had a sensor there for 3 years anyway - the one on the back porch has been there a year plus. Kow of people in Michigan, MN, Indiana, Illinios that are using the HSM100 outside.

I have had one in my crawlspace for about a year, and it’s humid down there not to mention cold. I have also used on outside. Just cover from the elements and you’ll be fine