Outdoor PTZ WiFi camera....

I will probably send these guys a few questions to try to determine whether this camera is directly viewable/controllable without going through their site:


It’s a little large, and not inexpensive. But if it could be convinced to work with Vera, I have a spot for one.


I am also looking for a fairly high-end outdoor camera. Axis has some interesting ones. AFAIK, Vera doesn’t support live video - only a still image. I find this feature not very useful. There are many other packages and browsers, though, that do support live video.

All digitally recorded video is a compilation of still images. I have a Nuvico AL-1600 and able to view a live feed of all 16 cameras via Vera. Albeit as rapid firing .jpg snap shots. 32fps is considered full motion through Vera its more like 15fps.
UI2 only supports the single frame image. UI4 supports auto refresh which appears as a pretty good video feed.
As long as you are able to intercept the snap shot address you should be able to connect it to Vera through the standard method. I know there are some cameras that are not compatible


I currently have UI2. That’s good news. It would be nice to see something close to a live video feed from Vera. I hope the non-beta version of UI4 is released soon. I’m looking forward to the new features, including full Kwikset lock support.