Outdoor light flashing every 3 seconds ON and OFF with Leviton wall switch

My outdoor light (normally a gas lamp but I had them install an electric version and have a flicker “flame” bulb in it) has started to flash ON and OFF every 3 seconds or so. I have swapped light switches and swapped flicker bulbs but it still flashes. The bulbs are 15w and are “normal” base - I use an adapter to adapt them to the candelabra base. The 3w Flicker flame candelabra bulb will work continuously, but the switch is then “dead” (No led and no control). If I swap the candelabra or normal base bulbs with 25 watt bulbs they work fine?!?! Is there a min voltage for the Z Wave switches? The flicker flame bulbs with the adapter worked fine for over a year? I am beginning to think the adapter is bad and is not allowing the full 15w to the bulb?

Any ideas? (Emailed Leviton -no response - will call them)



Nobody wants to touch this because your post is all over the place like a schizophrenic without clear or useful information. How about describing the setup? Remember that we have never seen your setup and don’t know where in the world you are. Does it matter at all that you used to use gas lights when we are talking about an electrical problem?

What model switches are you using? You were kind enough to reveal that they are Leviton. What adapter are you using? What bulb are you using? Be specific. Makes and models are important. Is there only one bulb or are there several on this circuit?

You say you replaced the switch and that didn’t fix the problem. So, assuming the second switch was good, it’s probably not the switches.

You say that normal 25 watt bulbs work, but normal bulbs of lower wattage don’t. It sounds like you are facing a minimum wattage requirement. Are these switches dimmers? We don’t know. And, no, I don’t know why it use to work and doesn’t now.

If your household voltage is within spec. plus or minus 10% I very much doubt that voltage is your issue.

You say that you suspect the unknown-to-us-adapter to be the issue. Did you try replacing the adapter?