OT: ETA for ZRF113 replacement


This is a little Off Topic, but I was wondering if anybody here knows when/if there’ll be a relay module like the ZRF113 available again? All the stores I’ve searched have it listed as back-(or pre-)orderable.

I “desperately” need a relay switch like this to be able to control/hook up some floor heating cables and tie it all neatly to my in-room z-wave temp sensor.

Suggestions for alternative options are also welcome, as long as they’re ‘in-wall’.


Well I can help with the when/if at least somewhat.

ACT is updating some of their devices. Because this is a chip change, they have to go back through UL and FCC. Unfortunately this is a slow an painful process.

The current date we have from them is 10/29 however it can and has changed.


What are the specs on the load? If its not too huge and then you could probably use a relay based switch like one of the GE 45609 switches perhaps? This is of course assuming that you are in the US!