openSysMon plugin for openLuup

I continue with my port of incompatible Vera plugins to openLuup.

After the rewrite of the Weather plugin (see,36777.0.html), I completed the rewrite of the System Monitor plugin…

The ideas that lead to openSysMon are:

[ol][li]By construction, the original System Monitor plugin surveys the system on which it is running, not a ?remote? one (by ?remote? I mean another system running on the same LAN)[/li]
[li]The openLuup environment allows to migrate as much as possible highly resource consuming processes (such as plugins) from the Vera to a remote system. This means that by using openSysMon, the original System Monitor plugin can be removed from the Vera? it is replaced by a dedicated Lua module running in the background, that uses less resources than a stand-alone plugin.[/li][/ol]

openSysMon is comprised of two components:

[ul][li]Server side: A plugin running on the openLuup system that will process and monitor the system parameters from the ?remote? Vera.[/li]
[li]Client side: A dedicated backend Lua module running on the ?remote? Vera that will poll the local system, package the data and send it to the plugin on the openLuup system.[/li][/ul]

All files (as beta) and installation instructions are available at GitHub - 999LV/openSysMon-plugin-for-openLuup: this is a port of the original System Monitor plugin for the Vera home controller to the openLuup environment

Feedback/suggestions welcome