openLuup & (not) vera

Hi again,

Yes, I found the same post… :slight_smile:

But also found a fix… :slight_smile:

Install z-wave’s buster image (does not work on std buster image), move to usb (via the tool), and then upgrade to latest build of the 3.0.4 (then beta of 3.0.5) from the z-way repository, and now i’m running it off the ssd :smiley:

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Been thinking of switching over to openLuup, but was curious what mobile app you are using. To my understanding the vera app won’t work anymore with openLuup

You can use ALTUI on openLuup and you can setup something with NGINX to reverse proxy to ALTUI from outside and adding some security, like username/password :wink:

Getting rid of the vera app was one of my first steps to stability as the connection
Vera App <-> mios cloud mirror server <-> tunnel to the vera
was one of the sources of luup reload and is the cause for all these threads about server online-offline. I did this even before going to openLuup. It turns out that it was also a major security liability and I later went all the way to disconnecting it from all the mios servers.

As a result, I invested into @intveltr’s homewave for iOS which is infinitely more configurable and reliable than the vera app… for Android I will let someone else chime in.

Now the outside access was replaced by a VPN on my router with a dynDNS which enables me to remotely access much much more than my home automation system on top of being infinitely more secure.

PS: My nuked vera has reached an uptime of 30 days for the first time ever without any crash of any program. How? Because it is nuked and does not run anything mios/vera on it anymore. It became a single board computer with a uzb plugged into it forwarding the zigbee and zwave ports to Home Assistant and Zway then converging into openLuup. It became a very expensive and underpowered rPi with a zigbee radio but I am trying not to waste…



You can use ImperiHome even remotely. The code and instructions to do this on Debian (PI) are here If any updates are required, feel free to create a pull request.

Cheers Rene