openLuup: dev folder


is it possible, as “/etc/cmh-lu”, to have a folder dedicated for development (e.g. “/etc/cmh-ludev”) ?

It will help to identify the files of a plugin in development.
(There’s just 3 minor changes in “init.lua”, “loader.lua” and “server.lua”)

Well, it’s certainly possible. Indeed, it sounds like you’ve done it already.

My personal approach has been to use /cmh-ludl for development and have everything else in /cmh-lu, however it’s not ideal, since an AltUI update will put all its files into /cmh-ludl again, because the presence of /cmh-lu is optional.

It’s also not a perfect solution, since, alas, several plugins, your own included (?) actually play with reading and writing device files in /cmh-ludl. The modifications you suggested above won’t address that problem.

Further thoughts anyone?