Opening Window depending on temperature


I have a window which I can controll with a Qubino window blind, and also several temperature sensors.

For the moment twice a day I open the window ( turn on a ventilator ) and half an hour later the window closes again.

I would like the window to be fully open twice a day , but not fully close it . I want the window to open/ close a little bit depending on temperature.
For example:

at 10:00 , the window opens full
Temperature is above 15 degrees celcius
at 10:30 , window closes to 30%

at 10:00 , the window opens full
Temperature is below 15 degrees celcius
at 10:30 , window closes to 5%

-Temperature above 15 degrees
-Temperature below 15 degrees
-schedule: every day at 10:00

What would be the correct condition for this?

Many thanks for your help,

I guess you could split it into three conditions:
s10_30 AND pTemp > 15
s10_30 AND pTemp <= 15

s10_00 and s10_30 being schedule inputs and pTemp the property of a sensor.

And then add actions accordingly.

Ahh , I see , there is also a 10:30 Time schedule. I have it now as an "immediate"and than a delay of 30 minutes.

Second question , the pTemp > 15 and the other one , is that a logic input where I enter :"temperature goes above 15 degrees"and the other one “Temperature goes below 15 degrees”?

Or is do I insert this “input” differently? and the 15 degrees is in the condition.


I suppose that’s a way to do it too…

What I’ve done is use the “Logic Input” type “Device Properties”. This makes the variable the current temperature instead of a true/false, and as such you can re-use it anytime you want in a condition instead of having to make new triggers for every temperature.

@ MyEpicFail; … Oh … that is cool , didn’t know about the “device Properties” option, that’s awesome!

In that case I want to make some more temperature differences.

Above 15 Degrees the condition will be: s10_30 AND pTemp > 15

Between 7 and 15 degrees: ???

Between 2 and 7 degrees: ???

Below 2 degrees: s10_30 AND pTemp <= 2

Can you help me with the other 2 conditions , whit the temperatures between?

Many thanks,

I haven’t actually tried it, but I’m guessing at least one of these two would work:

s10_30 AND pTemp > 15
s10_30 AND pTemp > 7 AND pTemp <= 15
s10_30 AND pTemp > 2 AND pTemp <= 7
s10_30 AND pTemp <= 2


s10_30 AND pTemp > 15
s10_30 AND 7 < pTemp <= 15
s10_30 AND 2 < pTemp <= 7
s10_30 AND pTemp <= 2

Just to clarify, since you didn’t know about the device properties type of logic input. s10_00 and s10_30 would be created as the “Schedules and Timers” type.


I am happy using the schedules and timers. Never used ( or even saw) the device properties option… probably no idea what it could do and mentally blocked it :slight_smile:

Before I implement it, since you showed me 2 possibilties; Do you have a suggestion how I can test it , since I can not really influence the temperature.

Thanks for your help!,

I did a quick test with these results:

pRoom_Temp > 20 AND pRoom_Temp <= 30 —true
pRoom_Temp > 25 AND pRoom_Temp <= 30 —true
pRoom_Temp > 30 AND pRoom_Temp <= 35 —false
20 > pRoom_Temp <= 30 —true
25 > pRoom_Temp <= 30 —true
30 > pRoom_Temp <= 35 —true

pRoom_Temp being a sensor currently at 25.60, meaning only the first approach seems to work.

Thanks for your assistance!

I just implemented it , let’s see of it works how imagine it.
One more question though.
I have 2 time schedules , one at 10:30 and one at 20:30
will these conditions work:
(V_Ventilator_at_10_30 OR V_Ventilator_at_20_30) AND V_OAT >15
(V_Ventilator_at_10_30 OR V_Ventilator_at_20_30) AND V_OAT > 7 AND V_OAT <=15
(V_Ventilator_at_10_30 OR V_Ventilator_at_20_30) AND V_OAT > 2 AND V_OAT <= 7
(V_Ventilator_at_10_30 OR V_Ventilator_at_20_30) AND V_OAT <=2

The idea is , that when it’s 10:30 or 20:30 the action fires depending on the temperature. Did I do that correct?


I’d think so

It seems to be working fine, the condition : (V_Ventilator_at_10_30 OR V_Ventilator_at_20_30) AND V_OAT >15

Just went true at 10:30 with an outside temperature of 22 degrees.

Many thanks for your help,

No problem, glad it worked out.

Oh … found a little problem.

V_Ventilator_at_10 OR V_Ventilator_at_20

That is the condition where it all starts;
There is a time schedule at 10:00 and a time schedule at 20:00

This condition was true at 10:00 , but did’t go true at 20:00.
Does anyone knows what is wrong in this condition:
V_Ventilator_at_10 OR V_Ventilator_at_20

The idea is that at 10:00 and at 20:00 the condition becomes true , I don’t understand why it works at 10 , but not the second part of the condition.


Did this work at 20:30?

@MyEpicFail :
This condition: (V_Ventilator_at_10_30 or V_Ventilator_at_20_30) AND V_OAT >15

Was true at 10:30 (I noticed the window close to the right angle) and according vera was this condition true at 20:30 as well.

Does it have anything to do with th ( ) ?


I don’t see how it could get confused when there’s only one operator (AND). If you look at V_Ventilator_at_20, what does it say in the last true/last false columns? Is it working correctly there?


It is not that condition which is not working ( The one with the temperature in it, the temperature one , to close the window partially is working just fine!). It is another condition which opens the window and starts a ventilator. Once at 10:00 and once at 20:00
This condition, nothing else there (no AND, just OR):

V_Ventilator_at_10 OR V_Ventilator_at_20

Today I tried again ( with other times a bit closer to eachother for testing;
Both schedules became true:
V_Ventilator_at_10 : that one became true at 10:00
V_Ventilator_at_20 : That one became true as well

But the condition is wierd:
The condition became true at 10:00 , but not at 20:00, something with the OR statement is wrong.


Yes, my reply should have said “…one operator (OR).”.

Do you mean that the entire " V_Ventilator_at_10 OR V_Ventilator_at_20" became true or that both V_Ventilator_at_10 and V_Ventilator_at_20 became true at 10:00?
If both of them became true at 10:00, double check that V_Ventilator_at_20 is set correctly and not accidentally a copy of V_Ventilator_at_10.

This condition: V_Ventilator_at_10 OR V_Ventilator_at_20
Became true only at 10:00 , that condition should also become true at 20:00 , but it doesn’t.

When I look ate the schedules tab, I noticed that at 10:00 the V_Ventilator_at_10 became true and at 20:00 the V_Ventilator_at_20 became true.

What I can see from that , is the schedules are correct , but there must be something wrong in the condition , why doesn’t the condition become true at 20:00 ( when the 20:00 schedule does become true).


That is super weird… I suppose, if you haven’t already, you could try remaking the condition in case something is messed up that you can’t see. I guess it can’t hurt to play around with brackets either.

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