only fire once per day

Hi all,

I want to setup a PLEG condition that will only fire once per day (maximum) starting from the time at which a Zwave device is turned on until a maximum of 4 hours after that device turns on and a power condition is met.

In other words, once the a zwave device is turned on, if the power of that device exceeds XX watts and the time is between 0 and 4 hours after it was turned on and a maximum of once per day… I want a condition to be true.

I can’t figure out how that is done. I can get the PLEG to work without the time constraints, however. My question is how do i make it work only once per day maximum and only between 0 and 4 hours after a Zwave device turns on.

In case you’re wondering the application for this, I have a device that I turn on via Zwave (from amazon echo) but it still requires a remote control to actually operate and a few times my wife has said that she swore she set it via remote but it wasn’t operating. So I want to send a txt message when the device’s energy usage exceeds a threshold but only do so once per day within 4 hours of turning it on.

is this possible?

The zwave system turns the device off automatically at night.

Anyone? I appreciate the help, even if it’s a silly question. thanks.

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