Old installation, but suddenly - No Handler errors

Today my installation began showing the No Handler error - where do I copy this dkjson.lua file to in the file system?

Apologies. The development branch version of openLuup_install.lua has fixed this problem, although you would have to delete everything and start again.

Simpler, then, just to get it from here: http://dkolf.de/src/dkjson-lua.fsl/raw/dkjson.lua?name=16cbc26080996d9da827df42cb0844a25518eeb3

…but I thought I should point out it’s fixed for the benefit of any others.

I’ll turn this into the master branch soon anyway.

What folder do I copy this file to?

/etc/cmh-ludl/ will work.

Reisntalled completely and get it to run - then when I copy back my user_data.json file it shows
No handler for id=lr_ALTUI_Handler
Putting back the reinstalled user_data.json and get the same
No handler for id=lr_ALTUI_Handler

what is going? - can I downgrade back to whatever the previous version was? Attached is the log from my original installation

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You appear to have a very old AltUI, which just reports an initstatus(3) and then does nothing else.

When I first read your original post, I thought we were talking about a brand new install, but I see that this is not so… it’s a fair-sized system and you must have had it for some time?

So what did you do just before it stopped working?

Everything else seems fine, so you just need a working version of AltUI. Will append instructions shortly. It can be done with just one HTTP request, but I forget the syntax!

I’ve split this into a separate topic since it has nothing to do with the original one which was related to issues with new installs.

Further on this… I’ve just found this in the log, which would explain why AltUI was not working:

2016-07-02 19:35:19.616   openLuup.context_switch::  ERROR: [string "[3] I_ALTUI.xml"]:257: bad argument #6 to 'format' (string expected, got nil)

I need to dig further.

I also removed the log file from your post, just in case there was anything there you didn’t really want to have posted.

it is too old to troubleshoot, I would recommend you install the latest ALTUI and we take it from here
at the very least try to enable DEBUG mode ( set debug variable to 1 ) and reload luup to see what is written in the log

My installation had been running fine for quite some time - I was out of town and came back and noticed that my scenes were not running. This is when I noticed that I I could not get to the UI.

Here are the logs and user files
This is a brand new install that runs fine with the default user_data file but when running with my old user_data file gives the error
No handler for id=lr_ALTUI_Handler
old = logs and user files from brand new installation using old user_data.json file

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OK, thanks for the data (which I have now removed from your post).

With your user_data file I am able to replicate the error, and running AltUI under debug mode shows this log…

2016-07-03 22:37:57.270   luup_log:3: ALTUI: debug: fixVariableWatchesDeviceID(3)
2016-07-03 22:37:57.270   luup.variable_set:3: 3.urn:upnp-org:serviceId:altui1.VariablesToSend was:  now:  #hooks:0
2016-07-03 22:37:57.270   luup.variable_set:3: 3.urn:upnp-org:serviceId:altui1.RemoteVariablesToWatch was:  now:  #hooks:0
2016-07-03 22:37:57.270   luup.variable_set:3: 3.urn:upnp-org:serviceId:altui1.VariablesToWatch was: urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:SecuritySensor1#Tripped#0-10544#1 now: urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:SecuritySensor1#Tripped#0-10544#1 #hooks:0
2016-07-03 22:37:57.270   luup_log:3: ALTUI: debug: initVariableWatches(3)
2016-07-03 22:37:57.270   luup_log:3: ALTUI: debug: _addWatch(urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:SecuritySensor1,Tripped,0-10544,1,nil,,,"")
2016-07-03 22:37:57.270   openLuup.context_switch::  ERROR: [string "[3] I_ALTUI.xml"]:363: table index is nil
2016-07-03 22:37:57.270   luup.delay_callback:: function: 0x005fbf40 ERROR: [string "[3] I_ALTUI.xml"]:363: table index is nil

…which confirms my earlier thought that there’s a problem with some AltUI variable data to do with variable watches.

It’s this variable seems to be in error:


Editing your user_data.json file to change this:


…seems to do the trick. I don’t know how this happened, but maybe @amg0 can shed some light on it.

Anyway, I hope this fix gets you up and running. I would stick with the latest install. Assuming you do, you may delete device #14 openLuup:Extensions, since in the new system that functionality is now built into the openLuup device #2.

Let us know how it goes.

PS: Your longitude appears to be set incorrectly at -7 degrees. If your system time is correct, your sunrise/sunset time will likely be wrong.

the format is invalid at least the red part is missing and this error should not happen on recent versions
urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:SecuritySensor1#Tripped#0-10544#1#boolean expression#

Was able to get my user_data to run on a new install by doing this

But after a while I began to get other errors with a D_FUP… device. Traced those down and released them ( Virtual switches ). but could then had troubles getting devices to respond cleanly .
Decided to just rebuild from a clean install. Working on that now.

Thanks for the help.