NX-8 Powering a WF2SL


I am planning on ordering the NX-584 for a NX-8 panel that I have. However, the alarm panel is far away from Vera so I can’t directly connect it. I was thinking of using an iTach WF2SL, but there are no outlets near the alarm panel. Would it be possible to power the WF2SL via the alarm panel itself?


It’s easy enough to pull a 12 V DC supply off the NX panel. Whether that’s useful in your proposed setup I’m afraid I couldn’t say.

Maybe off an output port, but the Alarm is powered by 16.5 volt AC power adaptor.

You need 12 volts DC (up to 16DC votls would work).

Have you confirmed the WF2SL will work with this setup?

You can mount the NX-584 next to Vera and run alarm wire from the panel to the NX-584, but I have a feeling the distance isn’t much of a problem the wiring is.

EDIT: You should have a 12v battery in there. Hard wired off the 12v DC battery should work.

The reason I am asking is because the alarm is far away from the Vera and from an outlet. I haven’t confirmed that the WF2SL will work, but looking at other people’s experiences with the product and the NX-584, I think it will work.

I’m thinking that the 12v battery should do the trick, as wiring across the house wouldn’t work.

Thanks for your help!

EDIT: On the Global Cache site, it says the device can be powered by usb. Does this mean that 5vdc from the panel could work with it?

Yes powering off the battery should work and is probley better then the 5v off the panel. I did a search and only found one that was having problems to get WF2SL working with the alarm panel. I personally haven’t found any good info saying for sure its working or how to do it. I’m also thinking there has to be lag time and such. A serial cable can be very long and is cheap. Alarm wire is even cheaper and can be over a 1,000ft away depending on wire size. Alarm wire is also very small.

How many amps does the alarm panel charge the battery at?
Is it more then what the WF2SL will pull?
It might work but I explore other options also.


Move Vera?

@integlikewhoa Not sure about the alarm panel’s charge. The reason I can’t move Vera closer to the panel or plug-in the WF2SL into an outlet is because the panel is far away from an outlet. After looking into it more, I saw that it would be possible to run wires from the alarm to the Vera, and then have the 584 there. This would end up cheaper (no battery or WF2SL), and would be faster as you said. I ill see how it goes from there.

Thanks for all your help!

One more question, would it be better to run the com, pos, and data wires under the house and then have the 584 right next to Vera, or have a serial to usb cable running under the house to Vera with the 584 in the panel? Is there a speed difference? It would be about 20 ft of wiring.

That’s exactly what I do. It works great. Even better, recovering from any communication faults is the responsibility of the two NX devices and not my plugin. :slight_smile:

Yeah I would run the 584 next to the vera. In the NX8 manual it gives you the distance and wire size for the keypads, you can use that. Bottom line is if its under 250ft you can use a standard 22/4 wire and if its 250-500ft I would go with 18 guage. But I’m guessing you have less then a 100ft run.

Should be less then 15.00 for the wire.

Thank you both again for your help!