Nuki smart lock

I am considering buying nuki smart lock and it has an option for bridge to internet component. Without the bridge it works on Bluetooth and I know it integrates through it to homekit.
Did anyone install it and connected it to vera through Bluetooth or do I have to buy the bridge device?

Even though Vera has the Bluetooth hardware it was never implemented in the firmware. You will have to use the hub route, but then you’d have to use a plug-in if there is one. If not you could either figure out it’s HTTP commands and use a virtual lock to control it that way, or if you’re so inclined create a plugin for it.

Well, that’s disappointing, and I looked and didn’t find plug in for it. And I am definitely not going to program one since I have no clue how to do it.
Thanks for the reply.

You have the options to use node red, but you’ll need a Linux box (raspberry pi is ok). I have integrated several bt things in a similar way.