Now works with the Harmony remote

Update today says this is new added functionality… anybody played with it yet?

Hi Tom,

Not seeing a new version yet for Android, but will sure look when I do.

Cheers Rene

I’m on the beta, so maybe that’s why I’ve seen it. I did play with it… worked right away. all it does is give you the ability to add your activities as buttons. Not sure how much i’d use it, but works well enough.

I also setup two rooms or different Harmony’s on imperihome (I’m also on BETA). I find it like sonos. Its there but its not complete enough to actually use for a remote. It adds your actives which you can turn on or off and see the status, Plus it adds an all off scene. But there is no other controls (volume, channel up or down, mute or anything). So really it only controls power on/off at this time.