Now > Time Condition


I have what is likely a very simple and regularly used example that I just can’t get to work for whatever reason. What I am trying to do is send a VeraAlert if EITHER door has been open longer than a minute.

For inputs I have two door device triggers, door1open and door2open. I then have a condition as follows: (door1open; Now > 1:00) OR (door2open; Now > 1:00)

According to the PLEG log when the doors are shut, door1open is false and door2open is false. However, the condition evaluates to true when both doors are closed.

What am I doing wrong?

I know it’s lame to respond to my own post but I see lots of people have looked at this with no response so I wanted to simplify the question a bit.

For simplification I’ve removed the “OR” component of this post and would just like to find out if anyone can tell me why the simple condition of “door1open; Now > 10:00” would evaluate to true when the door is closed? If I can figure out the logic in that simple condition then hopefully I can graduate to the “OR” piece of the puzzle. :slight_smile:

It’s a common mistake for new users …

But the expression:

DoorOpen ; NOW > 10:00

Is false for 10 minutes after the door is open and then goes true. It STAYES true until the door is opened again! It does not care if the door is closed.A sequence expression ONLY looks at the time the door was opened.

What you want is:
(DoorOpen and (DoorOpen ; NOW > 10:00))

And then OR this with a similar expression for the other door.

Awesome, makes sense to me. I will give it a shot!