Notify when breaker pops?

I have a “GE 45604 Z-Wave Technology Outdoor Module” plugged into a particular outlet. Sometimes the breaker for that circuit flips and the fountain pump that’s attached to it stops working. (Pump is controlled by some timers I’ve setup in MCV).

Is there a way to get an alert when the breaker pops and the device stops getting power?

Thanks for any help on this,


It may be easier to fix the issue of the breaker tripping.

Why is it tripping? Over amping, weak/bad breaker, ground fault?
How old is the pump, do you see any oil leaking from it?
What else is on the circuit?

If you have an energy monitor on the circuit you will be able to check whether there is power flowing into the pump


You could use a relay with 120 volt coil to make a switch closer ( re-purpose a door / window switch) to prove voltage from breaker. Create an event to react based on lack of voltage to the coil…