Notify user maximum number of times per day

I want to notify a user a maximum number of times per day when conditions are met. For example, if a series of motion detectors are detecting motion. I want to notify a user a maximum of 3 times spread out xxx minutes, provided the motion is still detected within that 3 times xxx minutes.

I can find a way for everything except the maximum number of notifications for this event.


Perhaps try the Output Control (▼ drop-down) section of your existing trigger Conditions group, enabling it to Pulse every xxx minutes while True, which in turn fires your Notification action. You can set this to repeat only N times as needed.
Everything magically resets when the Conditions go False, of course.

Yeaup as @LibraSun said head over to the conditions tab, then click the chevron for that set of activities, and check pulse. There you can set as many pulses as you’d like with as many minutes in between as necessary.

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Ok, another follow on. let’s say I want to do this with a group of OR’ed events. For example, let’s say that in your example the speakers are an OR’ed group of 3 different things. In other words, I want to notify a user every xxx minutes a maximum of yyy times if any of 3 devices trip. I could make 3 different reactors for this, but this seems sloppy.

Perhaps I’m stating the obvious – nor is it clear how much testing you’ve already done on this, if any… – but wouldn’t it suffice to have a Conditions group (set to OR) containing your three Speaker statuses?