Notify if Thermostat is set over 77 (heat) or below 65 (cool)

I’m stumped. I want to receive a notification if the temperature is set above 77 or below 65.

I installed PLEG and PLC. In PLEG, I created inputs t1 (_Thermostat heat point goes over 77 degrees) and t2 (_Thermostat cool point goes below 65 degrees).

From this point, I’m lost. I assume I need to set some sort of condition, but it’s far from obvious. Thanks in advance for the help!

The simple solution is:

BadTemp t1 or t2

BadTemp “Bad temperature setting”

Another approach is:

Device Properties
SetTemp _Thermostat Heat CurrentSetpoint

BadTemp (SetTemp < 65) or (SetTemp > 77)

BadTemp Twilio Send notification Msg={('Temperature set to ’ … SetTemp)}

Have you seen PLEG Basics?

Thanks very much. Working like a charm.

Thanks also for the link the the user guide. This is going to be FUN!