notifications with 2 veras on 1 account

I just upgraded my vera 1 to UI4 and registered it on my “my mios” account where I previously had my vera 2 setup, I want to recieve notifications from both vera units on the same email and phone #, though my login name shows as the administartor on the recently added unit (same as it has always appeared on the first) in scenes on the newly added unit it says “no users to notify”, i tried “adding user” with my same info but it tells me I already exist on this unit, anyone know how to correct this?

just to close my own thread that “Admin” user eventually (by morning) did show up on the new account, just logging out/logging back in or reloading browser did not add it in at first, maybe it takes a bit of time to configure on the account side? Anyway, all’s well that ends well, now if i could just create scenes that begin with “unchanged”