Notifications not Reliable

I have 2 HSM motion sensors that I setup to notify me via email/sms when tripped. The problem is that I do not get them reliably. What is the point of Vera then??? I am using the latest version of UI4. I never had a problem with UI2. Are there servers down or something? Any ideas?

I’m receiving my door lock notifications quickly and reliably today, like always.

Same here, I receive my notifications (email + SMS) within about 30-60 seconds of the event using any of the UI4 firmware versions.

If you’re seeing timing discrepancies in Email, you can often view the “Full Headers” to see which piece of the puzzle is slow in delivering the Email message. Oftentimes, SPAM filters (etc) can slow traffic in certain [Email] node delivery chains, but this will show up in the Full Headers version of the Email (where you’ll see every Email hop made)

Good here on vera 2 with sms/email using hsm100.

Make sure that you are familiar with the way that motion detection is reported. There is a time out value that must ‘expire’ before the next motion is reported. Even though the device is detecting motion, it will not report a new event until there has been a period of ‘quiet’. This delay is adjustable, but setting it low will deplete your batteries much more quickly.

I am afraid that I am in the same boat. It appears that the notifications are VERY slow to arrive. I get them, but SLOW means 30 to 45 minutes later. Vera 1 was instant.

Any suggestions???

I have the same problem. Just bought vera 2 and tried to configure the HSM100 to send an email when is tripped. So far I can not. The email event arrive several minutes after (40-50 minutes or 2-3 hours). I don’t know if I have a configuration problem or the HSM100 have a problem detecting the motion

I don’t know where to look. The logs don’t show any error relate it.