Not understanding Actions

Hi there,

I have been watching the PLEG YouTube introduction over and over, reading the pdf that was sent to me in another topic I posted and I am still lost on the “Actions” in the video it shows that they are brought to a page that has all the devices on it and they are able to just simply select a switch and say turn it on. however when I go to Actions all I get is Add Interval, and “Please enter your LUA code here” I do not have an option to select a switch and say turn this on. Am I doing something wrong here? I am UI7.

UI7 is totally different in the UI than UI5.
In UI5 I was able to reuse the Vera Scene Editor. That is not possible in UI7.
Add an interval of 0 seconds (immediate) if it’s not already there.
Select it …
Add devices one at a time … (use Advanced or Control, that latter being graphical)
The graphical part (Control) has limited testing on it … I do not have a lot of device types available in my test system.
UI7 has some serious bugs … I have been waiting for MCV to fix these … they fixed a problem … and now it’s back in the latest version.

ahhhh there it is! awesome! now I can play around! thank you so much!

on a personal level… I just got the Vera a few months back and thinking latest and greatest I updated it. Should I revert back to UI5?

Let me put it this way … I run the Vera for my house on UI5 and have not even considered moving it to UI7.

I test my plugins on a test system for UI6 and UI7 for those that do wish to make the move.
I support my plugins on all these platforms … but there are some serious bugs/missing functionality in the current MCV supplied UI7 product.

I just wanted to say thanks for this thread. I had the same issue with Actions in UI7 and without finding the answer here I would still be wondering what I was doing wrong.

I just want to say thank you for helping me this week with all my questions. I’m not able to control my pellet stove like I wanted in my other post, but that’s not a limitation on the PLEG app or on vera, its a limitation on the stove it self(tried my nest there but not enough power going to it to keep it charged). I have now also downgraded to UI5 and my whole network is responding much faster, and I’m loving the PLEG and all the possibilities I have now.