Not showing energy usage or cost

Vera 2 (1.1.1245) is not showing energy usage or cost through using SmartSwitch’s. All devices are showing and communicating and show energy usage locally (watts) and via but are not recording / using a smart switch either total kwh, cost or cost per day.


Having same problem, also when I input the cost per KWH on the location settings page and save, when I go back in to check feild it is left blank, using vera 2 firmware version: 1.1.1047

upgraded to firmware 1.1.1245 problem solved!!!

Can someone explain to me how the energy usage works? I put ‘120’ in the ‘settings’, ‘energy used’ field of a light switch with 2 x 60 watt bulbs.

Now what?


I see an ‘energy usage’ tab…is this the logging/reporting?

does not mention how to read usage.

You saved your settings?
Do you have “0W” showing on the top right of the device?

If not, IIRC, it takes a while for it to show up and reporting wattage.

Other than that, that’s all you need to do. Just plug a number in the ‘Energy used’ field, save and wait.


*Edit, I should add that the ‘cost’ is plugged in under “Location” on the dashboard.

Thanks. My first lamp does show ‘0 w’ on the UI. does not show any energy usage available (yet). I added some estimates to several devices, i’ll see what happens.

Any idea on a wattage estimate for a 220v HVAC unit?

[quote=“Intrepid, post:6, topic:168217”]Any idea on a wattage estimate for a 220v HVAC unit?[/quote]Depends on the unit, 2kW - 5kW? check the specifications plate on the unit and look for the Amperage (Evap & Cond) and use OHM’s law P=(IxV) to estimate it. Watts = Amps x Volts.


OK, this is tracking pretty well on cp.mios. The one major device that does not show is the trane thermostat (HVAC). I guess this is since it is not a traditional on/off device. Any tips?

The T-stat wattage gets entered like this: 11000,3300,485
The first number is for Heating, then Cooling and Fan.
Currently the fan wattage does not report. Bug report has been filed.


Thanks JOD.

Is this, by chance, documented anywhere? I took a quick scan of the docs2 wiki and couldn’t find this detailed info.

There is additional documentation but I could only find this piece, as it relates to the comma seperated entries. I’ll take another look though.

“For climate devices it is a comma separated list of power consumption when the unit is in COOL, HEAT, and FAN_ONLY.”



Thanks, JOD, you are a fountain of Vera knowledge and goodness. This works perfectly.

I used 5000 watts for my 3 ton combo furnace (cool), 2500 for gas heat, and 500 for fan. Heat may be the same as fan, as the emergency strips rarely kick in.

Can anyone help me get my trane thermostat energy usage working? I’ve put in the three comma separated wattages for the heat pump, but nothing shows on the initial energy usage page(s). Just not enough data for pie chart, or not enough data logged. No pretty charts or graphs filled in. There is a graph, but no entery of my usage. I have updated to the latest firmware.

Thanks dss667! Got my Aeon smartswitch running great!